Adult Education Courses

The Talmud, the masterpiece of the first rabbis, teaches us to love education. Let’s look at two gems of their wisdom:

From the Talmud: A person cannot understand Torah unless he has stumbled in it.

At Temple Emanuel, Jewish adults have many opportunities to “stumble” in Torah. “Stumble” into Torah study one Shabbat morning where you can enjoy a cup of coffee and engaging conversation. Join Hedva’s Hebrew Class on Tuesday mornings at 9 am to learn conversational Hebrew. Give yourself the opportunity to explore Judaism this year. You might be surprised how meaningful a little “stumble” can be. 

He who acquires knowledge, without imparting it to others, is like a myrtle in the desert where there is no one to enjoy it.

Jewish study is all about learning and growing together. Traditionally, Jews in the yeshiva study with a partner. Each member of the partnership learns from the other partner. Come study at Temple Emanuel, so we can learn with you and from you. Every member of the Temple Emanuel community has valuable lessons to learn and to teach.



Torah Study

Torah Study

Shabbat Morning Torah Study with Rabbi Jerome P. David, DD, Rabbi Gidon Isaacs, and Cantor Neil Schnitzer.
Join our friendly group discussing the week\’s Torah portion. We will be taking a slightly different approach to Torah this year. For each book of Torah, a different Torah commentary will be chosen and each parsha, Torah portion, will be explored through its lens. Through the year, we will be introduced to five key commentaries of our tradition. The congregation\’s rabbis and cantor will be taking turns leading each week of this year-long exploration. Novices and more advanced Torah learners encouraged to participate. Look forward to lively debate and meaningful discussion. No need to pre-register.