Interfaith Couples at Temple Emanuel

One of our strengths is our diversity. Our diverse family spans all ages, backgrounds and sexual orientations. We welcome interfaith families and Jews by Choice. We are truly a family of families. We meet people where they are in their lives and grow with them.

Throughout the year, Rabbi Jerry David and Peggy David plan get togethers to discuss the unique challenges faced by interfaith families. Rabbi David’s door is always open.

If you or a loved one would like to learn more about Judaism, Rabbi Jerry David and Rabbi Larry Sernovitz teach an Introduction to Judaism class each year. This class is offered starting in January and runs through May. The class meets each Wednesday from 7 pm – 9 pm. This is an interactive class filled with discussions and exploratory question/answer sessions about Reform Judaism.

This class can lead to conversion, if you are interested in taking that step. There are other requirements to the conversion process that can be discussed with either of our Rabbis. Jared Rosenbloom, our Ritual Assistant, can coordinate an appointment with either Rabbi to pursue the conversion option. Jared can be reached at 856-489-0029 ext. 119

For more information on membership, please contact Tracey Weiss at (856) 489-0029 x115.